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FPPS offers a wide range of Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) services. A PPM program ensures our customers get the most from their assets, this can also prolong the life of your buildings infrastructure, this can also prevent the need for expensive remedial services.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

We provide bespoke planned preventative maintenance programs which we tailor to your particular needs.

PPM programs include equipment checks, replacement of worn parts, general overhauls, specialist servicing and much more. The timing of each maintenance check is dependent on the equipment, recognised maintenance standards, our expert recommendation and your own requirements.

Over the life cycle of your building, a planned preventative maintenance program should result in significant cost savings for you. We can also help with designs and Installation.

Why A PPM Program Works

A reactive approach to equipment maintenance means waiting for something to break before you fix it. This means you are not really in control. You will be scrambling to fix problems as they occur. Preventive maintenance plans allow you to take a more proactive strategy.

  • Prevent the process of decay and degradation

  • Maintain structural stability and safety

  • Prevent unnecessary damage from the weather or from general usage

  • Optimise performance

  • Help inform plans for renovation, refurbishment, retrofitting or new buildings

  • Determine the causes of defects and so help prevent re-occurrence or repetition

  • Ensure continued compliance with statutory requirements

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