Electric Lighting Maintenance


Here at FPPS we deliver a wide range of Retail, Commercial & Industrial Lighting Installation & Maintenance services. All our staff are trained regularly and required to hold the appropriate certification to ensure our high standard's are met at all time. We provide:

  • Flexible preventive and on-demand maintenance programs

  • Display, accent, hard-to-reach, and exterior lighting services

  • LED, energy saving lighting, and advanced lighting control systems

  • Emergency egress and exit lighting inspections and certifications

Commercial Lighting

From multi-story office blocks to single local business head offices, FPPS are on hand to offer expert advice to repair, replace or upgrade lighting systems ensuring they comply with the latest standards which old lighting systems may fall short of. 

Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting by its nature is often at high level making maintenance and upgrades costly and is often ignored creating health and safety issues. FPPS have specialised access equipment so we are ideally placed to carry out the maintenance or upgrade of these areas reducing the disturbance to operations.

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